Söke Chamber of Commerce



The Chamber was first founded as a leadership of chamber of industry and commerce in 1944. In 1947, these two branches were divided and hence the chamber was then called Leadership of Commerce. As the law numbered 5590 has entered into force as of the date of 01/01/1952, the Leadership was abolished and our chamber become an agency affiliated to Aydın Provincial Chamber of Commerce.  Since this date, Mr. Rıfkı Ulusoy and then Mr. Hüseyin Faik Tuna, both merchants from Söke, served as agents for short terms.  The services of Agency had been provided without any staffing until 1962 whence two personnel were employed to undertake registration and accountancy services. 

 On the date of 15/01/1969, Pharmacist Halil Özşarlak was assigned as the Agent who launched a campaign to establish an independent Chamber.  After a long struggle and tremendous efforts, including signature campaign amongst merchants, an application was finally submitted to the Ministry of Commerce to found an independent Chamber which was approved by the Ministry of Commerce with the decision dated 04/12/1973 and numbered 14-620-2/44-19790 thus establishing Söke Chamber of Commerce. 

Lead by then District Governor, Mr. Fevzi Baysan and Pharmacist Halil Özşarlak, a committee of merchants categorized the tradesmen by occupation to prepare for elections and on the date of 27/01/1974 first elections were done to elect first Profession Committee, Assembly and Board members.   Starting from this date Söke Chamber of Commerce operated in the light of one single principle: to provide the necessary services to its members and public in general in the best manner possible.  During earlier years, the Chamber had to operate under poor conditions and in small and inadequate locations. In early 1990s, the Chamber commissioned a modern building with a usage area around 1200 m2 in district center. 

In addition to all bureaucratic and legal duties, as required from all Chambers, Söke Chamber of Commerce advocates and promotes solidarity and honor in trade and also serves as a locomotive for social, cultural and economic development of the area to the extent possible with its resources.   Since from first foundation, the Chamber does not only protect the interests of its members but also assumed responsibilities concerning realization of investments to provide significant contributions to their economic development.