250 beds Söke Fehime Faik Kocagöz State Hospital has a total of 448 personnel, 61 specialist physicians, 15 general practitioners, 10 pharmacists, health lisanyeri, 243 nurses, midwives, health officers and 116 other personnel. Approximately 633,500 patients are admitted to the outpatient clinic annually, 152,000 patients are admitted in urgent care, and 16,000 patients in the intensive care unit.

Söke also has 34 family physicians to provide preventive medical services.

Furthermore, the public hospital has a public mental institution.  

The Oral and Dental Health Center provides services with 22 units, with an average of 100,000 patients a year.

In addition to the Public Hospital, Egemed Private Hospital, which is a private health institution, provides health services in Söke. 

Also, Atlas Oral and Dental Health Center, a private institution is located in the District.